By VCXCoin Mar, 15/2018After the ICO, investors who have purchased VCX or received VCX from other users can now join the Lending platform to earn daily profit. The investment packages, profit and commission are set in USD.
The Lending platform is launched on March 15th, 2018 with 5 following investment packages as follows:
Investors can earn profit on a daily basis, and capital can be withdrawn after 120 days of investment.

+ Overview of Lending wallets
Types of wallet used in Lending program

+ VCX Invest: Storing VCX purchased or received via Send VCX function in the ICO

+ Commission:
Storing the total commission (including direct commission and binary commission). The commission is set in USD which can be withdrawn to VCX-Invest or VCX-Trading wallets.

+ Profit:
Storing the total amount of daily interest in USD when you join any investment package.

+ VCX Trading:
VCX from Profit and Commission can be transferred to this wallet. Moreover, when your lending investment expires, the capital can be withdrawn to this wallet. In case of withdrawal, the amount of USD will be converted to VCX in accordance with the exchange rate at that time and VCX will be transferred to the related wallets. VCX in VCX Trading wallet can be traded on VCX internal exchange.

II. Lending

1. Internal transaction

VCX in VCX Invest wallet can be transferred to other users in VCXcoin system (It has the same operation as Send VCX function during the ICO). Please follows these following steps:

+ Enter Lending/ Internal Transaction

+ Your current balance: The available amount of VCX in your VCX Invest wallet
+ Amount to be transferred: The amount of VCX you want to transfer to other users
+ Recipient’s username
+ Security password

Enter all the required information, then click Confirm to complete.

2. VCX Package

In order to join the Lending program, follow these following steps:
+ Enter Lending/ VCX Package
+ Choose the suitable investment package
Enter all required information in Investment Information section
+ USD amount: Enter the amount which is relevant to your investment package
+ Security Password: Enter your security password

Click Buy Package. Based on the VCX/USD exchange rate at that time, the equivalent amount of VCX from VCX Invest wallet will be spent on Lending. Interest will be sent to the Profit wallet on a 24-hour basis.

* After 120 days of investment, the investment package will expire, you can either re-invest or withdraw all the capital to stop investing.
- In case of re-investment, investors will enjoy the same benefits as the initial mechanism.
- In case of investment cancellation, the amount of USD spent on your investment will be converted to VCX based on the exchange rate at that time and transferred to your VCX-Trading wallet.

3. Withdrawal

Joining the Lending platform, you can earn the commission (as stated mechanism) and daily interest. This amount of USD can be converted to VCX and transferred to VCX Invest or VCX Trading wallets. Follow the following step to convert:
+ Enter Lending/ Withdrawal
In this sections, there are 02 options:
- From wallet: You can choose Profit wallet (withdrawal maximum of 100%) or Commission wallet (withdrawal maximum of 80% of the total USD amount)
- Withdraw: Choose the wallet to send VCX to
+ Internal: VCX will be sent to VCX Invest wallet without fees
+ External: VCX will be sent to VCX Trading with the fee of 5% of the volume.

+ You can make 1 withdrawal transaction for each wallet on Monday, from 7.00 am to 9.00 am (UTC-07:00).
+ The remain will be converted to VCX and sent to VCX Invest wallet

III. Manager System

1. Affiliate sponsor

You are only eligible for the system commission when the people that you introduce join the Lending. Your referral list in the ICO will be preserved. Moreover, in order to introduce more people to the system, you can send them the registration link by:

+ Choosing Manager System/Affiliate sponsor/copy
Afterwards, send them the copied link so that they can register via it. You can check your referral list, which is below the link.

2.Your Generation

When your referral invests, you will receive direct commission from the system: 8%F1, 2%F2, 1%F3. This commission will be paid directly to your Commission Wallet once you join the Lending. For details about your commissions, please access History/ Commission History.
3.Your Binary

To get the binary commission, you must arrange your referral in the binary tree. When your 2 sub-trees join the Lending, you will receive a binary commission of 8% of your paid leg’s investment.
For example. if your right sub-tree has a total investment amount of $20,000, and your left one has $10,000, then you will receive 8% of the investment of your left sub-tree when you yourself join Lending.

Note: The maximum binary commission that you are eligible for (in 1 week) must not exceed your total investment amount. The excessive amount will be reserved, and you are require to invest more to expand your maximum income limit.
+ Open New Member: Create new accounts in the tree
+ List Referral User: Arrange your referral in the tree

4. Binary Income

The total income of your 2 sub-trees
5.Add Member

To create a new account in your system, please get access to Manager System/Add Member and fill in all the required information.



VCX-invest wallet history
2. Commission Wallet

Commission list, including direct commission and binary commission:
3. Profit Wallet

Your daily interest
4. VCX-Trading Wallet

VCX-Trading wallet history
5. Investment History

Your investment packages:
Other functions will remain the same as in the ICO.

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