The cryptocurrency market with blockchain technology is increasingly demonstrating its potential and superiority. This will be the trend of modern civilization.

Understanding that trend, we have built and developed the project VCXCOIN. VCXCOIN is built in accordance with the standards for cryptocurrencies with complex mining algorithms, operations on a blockchain platform to ensure maximum reliability.

We look forward to a vibrant VCXCOIN community in the future. VCXCOIN will be used as a means of digital assets exchange through smart contracts, which helps reduce transaction fees and saves time, ensures high reliability.

Lending Policy

The captital of all investment packages will be refunded after 120 days. There are 4 packages as follows:

Investment package ($)Daily interestDaily bonus
100 - 9,9991% ~1.75%0%
10,000 - 29,9991% ~1.75%0.1%
30,000 - 49,9991% ~1.75%0.15%
50,000 - 99,9991% ~1.75%0.2%
From 100,0001% ~1.75%0.3%